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Semi-Automatic Rifles in caliber .22LR

The twenty two caliber long rifle  is by far one of the  less powerful ammunition among the larger cartridges like the caliber .45, .357 magnum, .44 magnum, .40SW, the popular 9 millimeter parabellum and other high powered cartridges or ammunition. Much to our dismay, the effective range of the caliber .22LR is at a distance of 150 feet. Although small in size it can be as lethal and can kill animals as well as humans.  The cartridge is used in sports shooting, plinking, training as well as hunting and other recreational activities. This has also been one of the standard personal defense ammunitions available today. Originating as far back as in 1845 by Flobert’s bulleted breech cap also known as BB cap and was taken from a .22 version of Smith and Wesson of 1857, and finally developed by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company in 1887. What we are about to examine below are some of the world’s gun manufacturers from Austria and Germany.

To begin with we will take a look at the M22

Manufacturer: ISSC Austria

  • Featured above is the  M22 caliber .22lr with a picattiny railing where scope mounts and accessories may be placed

  • The M22 caliber .22lr with scope mount

A modern sporting rifle with a variable and folding open sight and a precision dur Lothar Walther Match barrel. Has a weaver railing for optical sights and mounts as well as laser accessories and bipod options are available.  It comes with a height adjustable folding stock.

  • With optional suppressor, bipod, scope mounts and laser system


  • Caliber:    .22LR
  • Capacity:  22 rds.
  • Barrel length:    422 mm
  • Overall length:  857 mm – 893 mm
  • Overall height:  298 mm
  • Height without sight: 269 mm
  • Width: 70,5 mm
  • Weight: 3400 g

Next in line is the famous MP5 replica made by Heckler and Koch GmBh and modified by German Sport Guns GmbH

The MP5 comes in two variants:

The  GSG-522 Carbine and the GSG-522 SD-Version

  • The  GSG-522 Carbine

This gun has the same features as the standard MP5 submachine gun chambared with the caliber .9mm cartridge.


  • Caliber:    .22LR HV
  • Capacity:  22 rds.
  • Barrel length:    414 mm
  • Overall length:  855 mm
  • Overall height:  207 mm
  • Sight length:       340 mm
  • Overall Width:   53 mm
  • Weight 3.160 g

  • The GSG-522 SD-Version


  • Caliber:    .22LR HV
  • Capacity:  22 rds.
  • Barrel length:    230 mm
  • Overall length:  714 mm
  • Overall height:  207 mm
  • Sight length:       340 mm
  • Overall width:    53 mm
  • Weight 3.008 g

It also has a weaver railing for optical sights and laser devise as well as optional accessories such as folding and retractable stocks.

  • GSG-522 Carbine with Drum-Magazine(110 rounds), bipod, hand grip and optical sight options


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